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Hi, I'm Leona Davis! I'm the founder and face of Forget Me Knot.

Donating wedding flowers is one of the first opportunities newlyweds have to give back as a married couple. What better way to start a marriage? At Forget Me Knot Flowers, we use your wedding flowers to connect with people in local hospitals, nursing homes and care facilities (who may not get visitors often) through beautiful bedside bouquets and conversations.

It all started with a wedding...

As we planned our daughter's wedding, we asked “What happens to the flowers at the end of the night?” When we discovered that wedding flowers usually get thrown away, we decided that after the reception, we would repurpose them into smaller bouquets and share them with residents at a local nursing home. When we saw the residents' faces upon receiving the flowers and hearing the bride + groom's love story, our hearts erupted with love and gratitude. It was clear that we couldn't stop with this wedding! The seed for Forget Me Knot Flowers was planted. Now, we work with couples, event planners, florists and grocers to share the love-filled power of recycled flowers to ensure those in nursing homes, care facilities and local hospitals are not forgotten.

Using your wedding flowers, we connect your love story with those who need a boost. We share the love-filled power of (recycled) flowers. And we are excited for the opportunity to repurpose your flowers!

i'm so glad you are here!

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    - Ronald McDonald House, Phila PA, Camden NJ
    - Symphony at Cherry Hill - Memory Support Community
    - Voorhees Care + Rehabilitation Center
    - Abigail House, Camden NJ
    - Spring Hills Cherry Hill Assisted Senior Living Facility
    - Laurel Manor Healthcare + Rehabilitation Center
    - Camden County Women's Center, Camden NJ
    - Jefferson Methodist Hospice Phila PA
    - Penn Medicine Phila PA
    - Samaritan Hospice Voorhees NJ
    - VITAS Hospice Stratford NJ
    - Lion's Gate Continuing Care Retirement Community Voorhees NJ
    - Brightview Senior Living Woodbury, Mt. Laurel NJ
- Center for Family Services
- United Methodist Communities of Pitman/Collingswood 
- The Residence of Voorhees/Cherry Hill
- Silver Healthcare Center NJ
- Powerback Rehabilitation NJ 
- Cardinal Village NJ 
- Bancroft Organization NJ
-St John of God Community Services

- St John of God Community Services
- The Tender Adult Day Center
- Temple University Hospital
- Abramson Cancer Center
- Lankenau Medical Center
- Virtua Hospitals
- Brandywine Living at Haddonfield/Mt Laurel
- Fox Chase Cancer Center
- Jefferson University Hospitals
- Gift of Life - Family House
- Active day of Sewell NJ
- Yardley Commons, Voorhees NJ
- Brookdale Senior Living
- Masonic Village at Burlington
- St Mary’s Center for Rehabilitation + Healthcare

Organizations we work with

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